Puppy Purchase Contract

AKC Lakeside Goldens

James Hohler

1818 Paleo Pt Dr

Ruskin, Fl 33570


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   We do our best to only take a certain amount of deposits for a litter, however if we are not able to meet your deposit you can either receive a full refund or be moved to another liter with you original deposit date. Deposits are accepted in order of postmarked date.

   We take the responsibility of placing these puppies very seriously. We reserve the right to cancel the contract if any information has been given from the buyer either verbal or written that is false, misleading and or would prove to be an unfit environment or match.

   Although we are not commercial breeders we do are best to certify and screen are dogs for any potential health problems. For these golden retriever litters we offer the following guarantees

A complete refund of original purchase price is offered for any of the following defects diagnosed no later than 27 months of age:

1. Crippling hip displatia requiring surgery or euthanasia

2. Genetic eye problems causing blindness

For lesser problems that should in no way affect the working ability of the dog we offer a 50% refund of the original purchase price of the pup

1. Mild or moderate hip desplasia reading from OFA no later than 27 months of age

2. Non-affecting but non certifiable eye problems no later than 27 months of age

The following conditions apply for any full or partial refunds

1. The dog must not have been bred at any time prior to the findings

2. The x rays to support a finding of hereditary hip desplasia must be taken prior to ninety days after the dogs second birthday

3. A bitch must not have been x-rayed within 1 month of a heat cycle, start or finish. According to the OFA, and veterinary resources a bitch in heat has more subluxtion in her joints and the results of an exam at that time may be compromised.

4. A dog must be maintained in healthy physical condition, receive proper nutrition, exercised regularly, and NOT overweight for his or her height. OFA and veterinary resources state a dog that is not regularly exercised or is overweight has more sublexation in the joints and the results of an exam at that time maybe compromised.

5. The dog must not have suffered at any time a trauma or injury to the area in question

6. Written documentation is required from two qualified veterinarians or veterinary ophthalmologists. We may at our expense also obtain an additional, third veterinary opinion.

   We must receive copies of OFA (x-rays) or ophthalmologist exams with in thirty days of diagnosis. Refunds are only made on the condition that the owner has made a serious effort to train the dog, and has maintained the dog in a healthy and well exercised environment with proper nutrition. Dog covered by contract has been spayed or neutered and we receive a veterinary certificate stating this. If the animal has been bred this contract is null and void. We are not commercial breeders and these are the only guarantees offered in regards to this litter. The guarantee applies to the original purchaser and does not transfer to new owners if sold.

Purchase price                                                                     

Deposit amount               minimum                 payment type                  date                                                    

Balance due                                                       payment type                  date                     

  Deposits made before litter is whelped are fully refundable if the sex and type is not evident by seven days after whelping. After this date, a non refundable minimum deposit policy applies of $100.00.Pups will be selected at 7wks old and go home date will be selected at birth. Puppies not able to go home at scheduled pick up time may be subject to additional fees with prior arrangement. Skipped pick up times are treated as an immediate cancellation and will not receive any refund.   Payment is due in full at 6wks of age.

Puppies go home with the following: AKC individual registration papers, Puppy care packet, vaccination chart, nutrition information, food and collar

   Buyer agrees to spay/neuter the puppy before it reaches one year of age, and will provider seller with a veterinaries letter by certified mail as proof. If buyer fails to do so by the dogs first birthday, rights and ownership of the dog will automatically terminate and revert back to the seller who may immediately assume possession of the dog. Any additional fees incurred in the process such as legal fees will be the responsibility of the buyer. (Spaying and neutering your dog can potentially help to avoid reproductive related problems such as tumors, pyometra, false pregnancy, prostate infections and old age cancers). It is understood that all puppies are sold with limited akc registration

   Lastly the buyer agrees to all the above, as well as to the duties of being a responsible dog owner. This includes but is not limited to: Proper nutrition and healthy weight, regular veterinary visits and vaccination schedule, exercise, obedience and or field training.

If the buyer can no longer keep this dog breeder must be contacted first.



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